About me

I am a British-born full-time mummy of two small children, currently living in Yorkshire with my Japanese husband.I am interested in the Montessori Method and how it can be used for teaching English as a foreign language for students in Japan, as well as for my own Tokyo-born kids. I also want my children to grow up to be bilingual speakers of English and Japanese.

I have taught in Japan for a total of 15 years, both on the JET Programme, and at several well-known language schools. I have a diploma in the Montessori Method and a CELTA certificate for teaching English as a second language.

Since we are all new to Yorkshire, we are also interested in discovering the beautiful attractions in our local area. We are realizing there are so many wonderful sights in this county of Yorkshire.

English teachers, Montessori fans, travellers to the U.K. and parents interested bilingualism or second language learning for their children can hopefully find something of interest on this blog!

Please read it and enjoy!