Sunday, 26 February 2012

近状がナショナル・トラストで選べられている・Hardcastle Crags, Salem field and Hebden River


It was finally warm enough and dry under foot enough to go for a walk with my family to the riverside walk behind our new flat. There is the river and fields called Salem Fields.

Hebden river eventually leads to up to Hardcastle Crags, a part of the British National Trust. (The National Trust protects areas of Britain that have cultural, historical or natural value) Hardcastle Crags is a beautiful area of countryside walking with hills, waterfalls and a visitor centre, Gibson Mill.
We hope to visit there soon.


Tony Gilmartin said...

You must hav had some sun in Hebden yesterday !

Melanie N said...

I think the pics were from last week. We didn't get as far as Hardcastle Crags, but when the weather is nice we'll go.