Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Samsi, a Japanese restaurant in Manchester

We had a day trip out to Samsi, as recommended by a friend. It's a Japanese restaurant in the centre of Manchester, walk-able from Oxford Road railway station. The restaurant was large and quite quiet on the early Friday lunchtime that we went. The decor was a mix of traditional and the tacky, and we were served by a yukata-wearing Japanese lady who was very helpful.
The food took a while to come but it was plentiful and we couldn't finish it all. We had a few pieces of sushi, rather bare miso soup, gyoza, chicken yakisoba, chicken ramen and tonkatsu curry. I wasn't a fan of huge slices of chicken in the yakisoba or ramen, but the taste was ok. My favourite was the tonkatsu curry and the gyoza. Oh and we had lovely little daifuku to finish. It was lunch where I felt like I was back in Japan or an hour or so, so overall, a nice experience.
Samsi also has a little supermarket below the restaurant, selling Japanese food, sweets, tea and ceramics.

Japanese restaurant, Samsi

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