Saturday, 23 April 2011

国際結婚 イギリス人妻と日本の主人


我慢を英語に訳すと、be patient か to put up with something, と思います。毎日聴く事ありますよね。だけど、英語にはこの言葉、そんなに使わないと思います。"我慢"は人のために自分のしたい事か言いたい事を隠すか遠慮するかな。
I've often been writing about my bilingual kids and teaching English in this blog, and so I thought I'd have a go at writing about our cross cultural marriage.
I've become quite used to life in Japan so I don't often think that our marriage is so different to any others. There are times though when we think, oh yes that's certainly different. One of these differences I often come across is the Japanese "gaman" spirit.
Translating "gaman" into English is hard. I'd say it means to be patient or to put up with something. We often here it mentioned everyday. However, I think we don't often use those phrases as much in English. "Gaman" includes hiding or putting off saying or doing something you want to do, often for the good of others.
My husband often jokingly says, You can't be patient, you can't do "gaman". I think there are good and bad sides to gaman. Considering others' needs first before your own is very admirable but ignoring your own needs is just too stressful.
There is one thing British people are good at being patient for: we always wait to open our Christmas presents until Christmas Day. It's one of the few times I can think of when we are good at being patient. The presents are under the tree during December but we don't open them. The same goes for our birthday presents, we only open them on the day. That is one example I know of British "gaman".
Oh and my husband is not good at that type of "gaman"!!

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