Monday, 8 August 2011

Peppa Pig books and DVDs イギリス人気子供アニメ。。。ペッパ・ピッグ


Peppa Pigのアニメとグッズ。私の娘も大好きです。
家の近くのスーパー、イギリスのTesco,に入ると、娘は雑誌コーナーに一直線。。Peppa Pigだー!!
愛情がいっぱいの家族の話は子供にとって好きかな。 Peppaちゃんはいつもママとパパと弟のGeorgeと一緒。ママとパパは優しいし、そしてPeppaは弟にいろいろ教えたり、遊んだりするね。2歳から4歳くらいの実際の子供達と同じく毎日の体験の話だからかもしれない。


The latest hit with children in the U.K....
Peppa Pig cartoons and Peppa Pig merchandise. My daughter just loves her.
It's the story of a cute little girl pig and her family. You can see this cute and playful Peppa in DVDs, books, magazines, on clothes and in toy shops.
When we go into the nearby supermarket, Tesco, my little girl makes a bee-line for the magazine corner...It's Peppa Pig!! she exclaims....
I wonder why she's so popular. Is it because she's pink? It's my daughter's favourite colour.
But our 4 year old friend who's a boy also loves her.
I imagine it's the story of a loving family that appeals to kids. Peppa is always surrounded by her mummy, daddy and little brother George. Mummy and daddy are kind and big sister Peppa likes to play with and tell her little brother what to do.
It's the same thing that children of 2-5 are doing in their own lives, so this must be why it is so popular.

My daughter's favourite toy is a stuffed pig that she treats like a baby, even putting a nappy on her and pretending to breastfeed her....and of course her name is....

Peppa Pig!!!

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